A Bungalow by the Sea Tuscany represents the ideal corner to experience an unforgettable stay. Breathtaking views and Tuscan facilities make it a hotspot for a perfect rest. The maritime contour of the Maremma turns into the ideal starting point for discovering the surrounding wonders, having its shores open the door to all that Tuscany can present. Puntala Camp & Resort expresses this essence and is the perfect habitat to experience the stay and admire the treasures of Maremma.

Your marine stay in Tuscany

A Tuscan maritime stay at Puntala Camp & Resort optimally combines relaxation and recreation. You have the opportunity to admire unspoiled nature and an enchanting horizon, and at the same time, you can engage in the most exciting water activities. It is the ideal approach to spending time: comfort and outdoor days.

Seaside bungalows: explore our mobile homes at the best price

Bungalows in Tuscany by the sea: the crème de la crème! Explore our mobile homes and you will be ecstatic to observe their charm, ease, and the technological innovations they offer! Our bungalows are ideal for groups of 4 to 6 individuals and boast air conditioning, double room, lounge, convertible sofa, fully stocked kitchenette, bathroom with shower stall, safe deposit box and porch equipped with small table and armchairs. What’s more, they are positioned directly facing the sea for breathtaking views of the Tuscan coastline. By booking in advance you can benefit from exclusive promotions and discounts. Reserve now and usher in your ideal stay!

Bungalows in Tuscany

There is nothing more rewarding than spending a few evenings under the firmament in the beating heart of Tuscany to savor the elegance of classy camping. At the Puntala village there are several bungalows of over 35 square meters to opt from, each with distinctive peculiarities. You can find some with porches and outdoor dining spaces, magnificent for appreciating the Tuscan landscape. Or, for those who prefer a more genuine atmosphere, there are alternatives nestled in a pine forest where one can enjoy the freshness and privacy of Mediterranean greenery. Regardless of your choice of overnight stay, we assure you of an unforgettable experience that you should also suggest to your friends.

Bungalows on the beach

There is no feeling comparable to waking up to the echo of waves crashing on the shoreline. In a bungalow right by the sea, this excitement will be daily. Whether you want to spend time relaxing on globally celebrated beaches, trying your hand at sea sports, exploring the Maremma, or taking up surfing or sailing, there is an option for every preference. And clearly, no marine stay is complete without moments devoted to enjoying the sun.

However, at Punta Camp & Resort you will also have the opportunity to entertain yourself with evening shows and select from various dining options where you can enjoy delicacies.

An impeccable break between nature and recreation, to unwind and soak in the greenery. You never imagined such a fascinating Tuscan vacation!

Bungalows in Maremma

Maremma bungalows offer quiet and comfort within walking distance of the sea and the beach.The bungalows in the Puntala Camp & Resort complex, located in Punta Ala, are one of the most charming representations. Immersed in the purity of Maremma greenery and surrounded by an ancient forest, you will enjoy cozy atmospheres and a stay in the heart of nature of supreme quality. At Puntala Camp & Resort, you will experience the authenticity of Tuscany near countless amenities and a crystal sea. These bungalows, or mobile homes, are managed through an app on your smartphone for an exemplary vacation in the Tuscan Maremma.

Bungalow Club

The Bungalow Club features prestigious residences with direct access to the beach, representing a haven of elegance and comfort. With a simple-looking rectangular geometric shape, these accommodations are distinguished by their air conditioning and two available bathrooms, independently accessible from neighboring rooms. The Bungalow Club goes beyond the concept of lodging; it is a real journey. An adventure designed down to the smallest details to ensure unparalleled comfort, from the ultramodern kitchen to the elegant bathroom with a double toilet equipped with a shower and plumbing fixtures. The extensive terrace provided encourages visitors to relax and enjoy their surroundings. Offering comfortable accommodations for up to six guests and placing great emphasis on environmental sustainability, the Bungalow Club has a base price of 143.00 euros per night.

Bungalow Deck

A symbol of sophisticated open-air living, the Bungalow Deck stands out. The meticulously crafted Decks enhance the residential area of the bungalow by offering an ideal mix of indoor serenity and outdoor majesty.
The Bungalow Deck not only extends the residential area; it reinvents it. It changes guests’ approach to the natural environment, allowing them to savor its wonder while having state-of-the-art comforts. Upon entering the Bungalow Deck, one immediately senses the alchemy between nature and design sophistication. Made with innovative methodologies, the interior spaces are blended with an exterior terrace. These Decks can accommodate up to six individuals, offering peculiarities such as home automation system, air conditioning and fine accessories, ensuring a memorable stay at a starting cost of 125.00 euros per night.

Limo Bungalow

Limo Bungalows reflect the pinnacle of modern, cozy housing. These insulated and climate-controlled Home Limo emerge from the latest construction techniques. With practical interior spaces and a cozy outdoor terrace, the Limo Bungalow is not just a place to stay overnight; it is an adventure where aesthetics and practicality come together, from the living room with kitchenette to the toilet equipped with every essential. The capacious outdoor terrace invites visitors to stretch out and appreciate their surroundings. With the capacity to accommodate a maximum of six individuals and positioned under the shade of an ancient pine forest, the Limo Bungalow offers fine lodging at an initial cost of 105.00 euros per night.