Known around the world for its excellence in sailboat manufacturing, the Laser Performance brand has created a true masterpiece with its Las model Designed with the main purpose of ensuring an exciting experience in every aspect-fun, versatility and protection-this vessel is an ideal choice for both those new to sailing and more seasoned sailors. The position of this option among the most coveted in its category is due to its solid workmanship and unique features.

With its dimensions of 4.60 meters along the keel and a draft of 1.20 merti the Laser Bahia is extremely detailed and elegant. Great care was taken in the design to achieve a shape that maximizes balance and agility. It provides remarkable impact and weather resistance due to its tri-layer polyethylene hull. The estabile drift system and dividing shaft are useful to facilitate movimenation ea conversvationno.

The “Laser Bahia” is distinguished by its remarkable flexibility, allowing perfect performance both in different climatic situations and during different sailing modes. With this vessel you can either go on a social excursion or participate in a friendly competition, and your experience will always be marked by excellent navgation.

With a large interior area and equipped with comfortable seating, the Laser Bahia proves ideal for boaters belonging to groups or families. Its ease of control makes it an ideal option for both beginners looking to enter the sailing world and experienced sailors seeking high performance.

Among the options offered are multiple alternatives for customizing your vessel, such as being able to choose the addition of a gennaker that will give you even more immersive marine experiences or opting instead for comfortable cushioned seating that provides additional comfort on board. The ability to adapt and shape the boat to one’s needs

Conclusion: The “Laser Bahia,” with its characteristics of ease of use, robustness and aroused enthusiasm was deservedly awarded a special place. Because it is highly adaptable, it is ideal for different types of sailors; moreover, its specifics make it an extremely reliable option in its target industry.

With its sturdy construction and high-quality materials used, it offers long-term reliability and safe navigation. In a variety of marine situations, the presence of the folding centreboard and the divisible mast give the vessel both greater practicability and solidity.

The Laser Bahia is a guaranteed investment for those who want to have a vessel with excellent performance, comfort and reliability.

Technical characteristics of the Laser Bahia, a sailboat suitable for sailing courses that perfectly combines performance and style:

  • The sailboat called Laser Bahia took shape thanks to the expertise and experience of the Laser Maritime shipyard.
  • This special sailboat is designed to excel in marine exploration and offer unparalleled adventure.
  • Materials: The use of fiberglass ensures a perfect combination of strength and low weight.
  • Length: Ideal for quick and agile maneuvers thanks to its 4.6m extension.
  • Width: Offering 1.80 m space to occupants, it allows them to enjoy its generous size.
  • FISHING: Due to its characteristic of having a maximum depth of 15 meters, it can also be used in shallow water areas.
  • Weight: Movement and handling operations are facilitated by the presence of the 155 kg balanced structure.
  • Sail area: For maximum efficiency, it was designed on the large area of 10.50 m².