Perfect sailing day for Finn World Masters Day3

What a fantastic day” ,” said German sailor Andre Budzien. “The conditions were exceptional and couldn’t have been better,”,” added British sailor Tim Tavinor, while Ville Valtonen from Finland commented, “It was a beautiful day.” These are just some of the enthusiastic comments from the Finn class sailors, gathered as soon as they returned to the beach yesterday, reflecting the atmosphere of a truly perfect day.
The weather conditions were ideal: not too hot with a wind that initially blew around 5-6 knots, quickly increasing to 12-13 knots during the first upwind leg for the yellow and red groups.
The schedule for the third day of the 2024 Finn World Masters included only one race for each fleet. This decision was made to allow time for important social events throughout the day, such as the Annual Meeting in the morning, where skippers discussed race formats, future host locations, and exchanged constructive ideas to improve the event each year, and the highly anticipated Gala Dinner in the evening, attended by over 500 people
After five races, French sailor Laurent Hay maintains the lead at the 2024 Finn World Masters, having scored another win in Wednesday’s only race. French sailor Valerian Lebrun climbed back into the top three and is currently in second position, also after winning his group race. Dutch sailor Martijn van Muiden is third.

Hay not only leads the overall standings at the Finn World Masters 2024, but is also first in the Grand Master category. Valerian Lebrun, currently in second place in the overall standings, is leading the Master’s fleet. Germany’s Andre Budzien, in fourth place overall, is first in the Great Grand Master category. Rob Coutts, in 71st, and Howard Sellars, in 218th, are first among Legends and first among Super Legends, respectively. Austria’s Claudia Graber, in 140th position, is first among the women in the race.

The day concluded with the Gala Dinner, held in the event area in front of the Ristorante Isolotto. Here, the welcoming spirit of PuntAla Camp & Resort emerged once again, providing all participants with an unforgettable experience. The evening’s menu delighted guests with authentic Italian flavors, offering appetizers, first courses, second courses, and dessert, all accompanied by an excellent red wine, Morellino di Scansano from Morisfarms.

A fiercely contested and enjoyable race on the water, exchanges of ideas among enthusiasts, excellent food, great company, and impeccable organization: these were the ingredients of this perfect day.

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